OddBox Studios is a full-service imaging provider located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We specialize in photography and videography, and we have a cyclorama studio on-site. If you have an business or product to promote, or an event worth documenting, we can make it memorable.


OddBox Studios was founded in 2004 by Mats Jerndal, a Swedish-born photographer a performer who was at that time living in the New York metropolitan area. In 2010, Mats moved to Fredericksburg, VA and opened the studio space where the business now operates.

Mats started shooting black and white photos in 1976, while a young man living in Sweden. He developed photos in his father's home lab and later took photography classes to improve his technique. Eventually he had the opportunity to study in Paris, and his photography work complimented his later theater studies in California and NYC. Photography is part of Mats' DNA and an ongoing passion in his life.


  • Wedding and event photography

  • Real estate video & photography

  • Studio portraiture

  • Product photography

  • Wedding and event videography

  • Promotional videos

  • Business videos

  • Live event broadcasting

If you have a project in mind, consult with us to see what we can do for you!