Oddbox Studios is a full-service videographer and video production company located in Fredericksburg, Virginia. We provide a wide range of services, including:

We work with professional and broadcast-quality equipment to get you a superior level of production for your special event, product feature, or story.

Hiring A Videographer: Things to Consider

To get a good video, you need three basic things: (1) the right Videographer or Filmmaker, (2) the right Technique, and (3) the right Equipment.

OddBox Studios uses state of the art gear—from computers to software to audio to camera equipment. We have broadcast, cinematic and aerial imaging cameras. We also have a variety of professional mics to fit any situation (e.g. interviews, live performances) and get perfect sound. The first step to getting a great video is simply using great gear.

But great gear won't get one far without technique. Each shot must be approached with consideration of lighting, composition and focus on the subject.

The videographer is the piece that brings it all together. Mats Jerndal is an trained and experienced performer, specializing in theater and improvisation. Every event has a unique pace and rhythm, and a good videographer knows how to pick up on this, work with the people present and find synergy. Mats has a dynamic and interactive style when he shoots, is technically capable, and attentive to the details that make a shoot successful.

You only have one change to get your event recorded right. Call OddBox Studios to learn more about what we can do for you!

Ready To Get started?

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