Real Estate Imaging and Photography

Great marketing begins with great images! Any property can benefit from excellent photography, and great photos will increase interest in your real estate listing. We offer fast, digital delivery of your photographs – photos formatted for the MLS within 24 hours of the shoot. Your property will be represented in fantastic views through bright and sharp images that highlight the best aspects.

Experience shows that properly photographed homes generate more interest in listings, sell faster and   for a higher price. Make OddBox Studios a partner in your next successful home sale!


OddBox Real Estate Imaging has a selection of products and services to provide you with high-quality marketing for all of your listings, regardless of price range or property type. Whether your listing is a multi-acre estate or a one bedroom condo, no home is too large or too small


Fusion Photography

One shoot brings out the very best in homes of every style and price point. OddBox's Fusion Photography process combines multiple shots, lighting and processing to create a single image that offers a wider visual range, detail, clarity and color than standard photography. The result is quality, for web and print, at affordable pricing with rapid turnaround times.

Fusion Photography Features

  • Unlimited Images
  • High quality print and web ready
  • Fast turnaround

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Virtual Walkthrough

Give your clients a chance to see properties from anywhere. OddBox Real Estate Imaging creates customized video walkthroughs with stunning footage available for any property size.

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Virtual walkthrough features

  • 3–5 minute video
  • Web ready for YouTube and MLS upload
  • Fast turnaround

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Additional Services

Twilight Photography

Nothing is more striking than a residence lit up against the evening sky. The vivid play of light and color arrests the eye, adds intrigue, and creates an intimate mood designed to draw viewers in.  Twilight Photography places your property against an indigo night sky where lighting can be used to full advantage, showcasing architectural details, spotlighting outdoor areas, and making the most of illuminated pools and water features.  Perfect for digital and print materials, a Twilight Photograph  makes your listing stand out and shows the true potential of the property from day into night.

Image Retouching

Sometimes we end up with things in real estate photos that we just don’t want: utility poles, wires, cars, trashcans, dead grass or grey skies. Here at OddBox, we can transform any photo into the perfect image--quickly, easily and at little cost

Enhanced Video

Make your Virtual Walkthrough stand out even more with footage taken from our 4k display drone or emphasize specific spaces with labeling. Do you have a house with a grand history or unique story? Put it on display with our narration or include features of the community with our Community Tour.


Simply contact us to get answers to your questions or to schedule your photo session. We'll be happy to serve you!